Corrected entry: While Arnaz is known as a womanizer during his marriage to Ball, Ball herself was known to have extra-matrial affairs in the last few years of their marriage. She is depicted as a faithful wife in the film which is untrue in real life.


Correction: "Untrue in real life" is just an opinion, thereby not valid. Though some have made claims, such as Zsa Zsa Gabor's allegation, Lucille Ball's lack of marital fidelity has never once been substantiated, whereas Desi's has.

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Factual error: The final episode of "The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour" when Lucy meets Ernie Kovacs, marks the finality for Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, and Fred and Ethel Mertz. By this time the shows weren't filmed before a live audience the way it's depicted in the movie. The producers of the show abandoned the live audience earlier than the final shows.

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Desi Arnaz: I work hard, I play hard, I drink hard and I love hard.

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