Jeepers Creepers 2

Continuity mistake: When Billy leaves the second scarecrow to check out the Creeper, the bends in the wire on the scarecrow change.



Continuity mistake: When Jack Sr. and Jack Jr. run towards the tractor, after hearing Billy scream, Jack is holding onto the rifle with both hands. When it cuts he places his left hand on the rifle again.


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Continuity mistake: Towards the beginning of the movie, the kids in the bus are singing and you can initially see the road behind the bus and there is no car behind the bus, but almost immediately, a kid motions that a truck is coming and to hold up the banner on the side of the car.


Continuity mistake: When the creature flies over Kimball and he looks up for it, Kimball changes from facing his left before the shot change to facing right in the closeup.



Continuity mistake: When Double D takes a leak, he's standing there for a long time and you can hear the sound of urine. The Creeper flies above, and he looks up. Look at the ground, and you'll see it's completely dry.


Continuity mistake: When the birds suddenly fly away, it startles Big K and he falls over and yells. In the next shot, all the people look up to see what happened. It then shows Big K fall over again in the next shot.


Continuity mistake: When Minxie is beginning to having her "dream," she looks to her left because she is on the left side of the bus. But before and after this, she is on the right side of the bus. The vision occurs on the right side of the road, so she didn't change places in the dream.


Continuity mistake: When the coach has been taken away by the Creeper, Scott moves forward passing two guys saying "Where the hell is the coach?" When it cuts he is behind the two guys.


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Continuity mistake: When the bus driver lights the flare she holds it in her left hand. When the Creepers grabs her it's in her right hand.


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Continuity mistake: As the assistant coach is grabbed from the bus doorway, the same reaction shot (Izzy standing up as Chelsea and Rhonda fall backwards) is played twice from different angles.



Continuity mistake: When the assistant coach is grabbed everyone runs to help him. In the shots from outside we can see Izzy right inside the doorway holding onto the bar, but in the shots from behind he's disappeared and there's no one holding the bar.



Continuity mistake: When Dante finds the flare gun it's obvious that a lot of material has been cut on either side (as you can see in the DVD extras), since the flares are at the front of the bus and he isn't visible up there in any other shot during the whole exchange.



Continuity mistake: When Minxie sees the Creeper outside the bus window and they all hide under the seats, the lights are on. Seconds later as it stops above Jake and starts sniffing the lights are seen to be off. (Still a mistake, despite the deleted scene.)

00:36:10 - 00:37:05


Continuity mistake: When the Creeper has grabbed on to Bucky's head through the bus roof, we see Bucky holding on to both poles in the bus, then he moves his hand over holding one pole with both hands. When it cuts from behind him he is holding on to both poles.


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Continuity mistake: The first time Bucky is grabbed by the Creeper, Double D and Big K are the first two to run to help him but when the angle changes Double D and Izzy are the first two to reach him. There's no way he'd be able to overtake Big K in the two seconds it takes to run up a bus.



Continuity mistake: After the Creeper has fallen on the bus roof one of the kids goes to look up the hole on the roof. First, as he is climbing up he is placing his right arm up by the hole. When it cuts his right hand is down holding the steering wheel.


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Continuity mistake: When the Creeper rips his head off to replace it, he throws it in front of the bus, hitting the windscreen and leaving a mark. Later on, there is no mark and no head in front of the bus.

00:59:10 - 01:17:05

Continuity mistake: When Scotty asks Minxie if the Creeper will keep on coming for the ones he has picked (right before he tries to throw the marked kids out) she starts to turn away to the left, but in the next shot she is turning to the right.



Continuity mistake: When they all decide to head for the farm, as Scottie gets out of the bus, the distance between the kids changes drastically between the shots.


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Continuity mistake: When Izzy, Rhonda and Double D are running away in the car, there is a shot inside the car where Izzy tells Rhonda to get out, but there is not sight of Double D in the back window. When it cuts, D is leaning against the window.


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When Bucky jumps on the hood of the bus to get back in, the Creeper flies from in front of the moon towards the bus causing all the kids to run away. Bucky can still be seen staying put on the hood when they run - however in the next shot of all the kids running you see him at the front of the pack which would have not been possible given that he didn't run right away.



The sticker on the bumper of the car that gets the roof pulled off reads "I'm not a complete idiot, some parts are missing" It echoes how the Creepers' victims are described on the radio report, not one complete body as they all have one or more parts missing.