The Return of the Pink Panther

Revealing mistake: The newspaper says that the Pink Panther was stolen on 24th January. The scenes of Gstaad, in the Swiss alps, were obviously not filmed in January. The temperature in Gstaad gets up to about 5°C/41°F in January yet people are shown wearing light clothing with bare arms. (00:53:05)


Revealing mistake: When Clouseau's neighbour slams her door, the number 6 partially falls down revealing another number (an 8?) (00:22:50)


Revealing mistake: When the bomb explodes in Clouseau's apartment, the wires that lift the old woman's chair are visible.

Revealing mistake: At the end of the film, Clouseau attempts to attack Kato with a kung-fu kick but misses him and crashes into a kitchen. When Clouseau crashes into the kitchen, you can see that it is not Peter Sellers but his stunt double.

Revealing mistake: When Clouseau receives the bomb, he tries to get rid of it and we cut to the old woman next door. Her chair lifts into the air before the bomb goes off and breaks down the wall.

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