Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life

Corrected entry: There are no sharks that big in the Aegean sea.

Correction: There have been sightings of Great White sharks in the Aegean Sea (ref: , although rare, it's completely possible.

Corrected entry: Lara's 5-barrel dart gun, as mentioned on the DVD extras, is a real weapon. The Heckler & Koch P11 Underwater Pistol is manufactured for certain Special Forces units. Apparently, this weapon has never been officially acknowledge by H&K and does not appear on any official website. Well, thanks to Lara, that's that secret out. Check out for more.

Correction: Its listed on loads of websites

Corrected entry: Early in the film, on Gus's boat, Lara points to a map and says: "about five miles.". She's British; Gus is Greek; only the nearest American tourists would say "miles". Should have said: "about eight kilometers".

Alan Rice

Correction: Though Miles, Pounds, and Gallons, are used in America, they are British Imperial Units of measurement, and they are still widely used in England (miles especially - all speed limits signs are in miles), despite the EU trying to force them to convert to the metric system.


Corrected entry: On board the ship, Lara berates Terry for not shooting Reiss when he had the chance at the lab. Yet earlier during the Pagoda shoot out, just before she pole vaults onto the chopper, both Lara and Terry are in a position to gun down the helicopter in relative safety; most of Reiss' men are down on the ground. What's more, Reiss is hanging out of the chopper trying to haul the crate in. Easy target.

Correction: She was berating him for not shooting him in the LAB. Not the Pagoda. Yes, they both had clear shots but there was too much millitia from both sides around to outnumber them and if they did indeed shoot it could break the orb. Terry had a clear shot in the lab, and he didn't shoot, even though that was probably the best time to do it as Reiss didn't have any backup around him.

Corrected entry: When Lara has activated the orb and learned The Cradle of Life was in Africa, she tells Bryce to contact Sosa and have him meet her "with her Jeep at 8:00 north of his village". As soon as they break off contact, Reiss and his men pounce on time at all to contact a man in Africa.

Alan Rice

Correction: Obviously, because Bryce had to follow Lara and Sosa he had the call made later, off camera.


Corrected entry: We are told by Terry that the Shay Ling's home is the most remote mountain range in China. However, we later see the orb being loaded onto a truck at this 'remote' hideout. Surely there are more remote places in China which don't have road links.

Correction: Of course they need roads, especially when their business is in illegal trading and arms selling. How do you suppose they store and move their merchandise? They are, just as Terry said earlier in the movie, well watched and impossible to approach except as a prisoner.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Lara and Reiss are in the area with the cradle of life (before Reiss dies), the box is near the center right of the acid pit. But when Reiss dangles Lara over the acid pit, the box is near the middle.

Correction: In the overhead view, there is an outcropping of rock which effectively hides part of the acid pool, making it look like the box is off center.

Tax Dude

Corrected entry: When Laura and Terry are escaping from the cave in China having recovered the orb they slide down the ropes, land on the ground, and jump into an open cockpit jeep. In the next take they are seen driving down the mountain road in a yellow fabric 1/2 ton panel truck.

Correction: This is confusing, due to poor editing. Lara and Terry do, in fact, get into the open jeep and drive off. The very next shot is of the yellow panel truck, but it's Chen Lo's brother (recognizable by the ring on his hand which is lying on the box containing the orb). The brother is later seen arriving at the Flower Pagoda in this very same truck. If you watch the deleted scenes in the extras, you'll see the way the jeep/truck scene should have appeared before the terrible edit job.

Tax Dude

Corrected entry: Sheridan is far too young to be holding a rank equivalent to Commander, it is usually not reached until an officer's mid thirties.

Ian Hudson

Correction: Some people do achieve it earlier, and Sheridan is one of those people. While this would be unusual it is not a mistake.

Corrected entry: When Lara is riding the horse and shooting at the targets, she turns around and faces backwards and shoots the last one as the helicopter is approaching, and then they show her riding the horse and the target is in the background and it's fully intact.


Correction: Actually I checked this mistake using the zoom button and it shows a hole in the middle of the last target she fires at by turning.

Corrected entry: After escaping from the temple, Lara attracts a shark, punches it on the nose, and catches a ride to the surface on the shark. Since the shark is a fish and a water breather, I suspect it would dive rather than rise when faced with Lara riding.

Correction: That doesnt make this a mistake. Besides the shark doesn't go all the way to the surface, he swims away from the area, climbs a bit then goes straight forward. That's when Lara lets go.

Corrected entry: From the moment we see Lara in her wetsuit, through the Luna Temple sequence, you can see there is nothing attached to her harness on her right shoulder. Yet whilst in the water, trying to escape from the collapsing ruins, she suddenly acquires an emergency beacon. It's possible she could have pulled it from somewhere, but then how did she know she was going to need it? She didn't know Gus' boat was destroyed until after she surfaced.

Correction: It is completely possible that Lara pulled the Emergency Beacon from a place other than her shoulder. And also, why would she have to know that she needed it? That is the whole point of an EMERGENCY beacon. You have it just in case you do need it. Lara did not have to know it was needed, it was only a back up plan and she just so happened to get into an emergent situation.

Corrected entry: "Pandora's box" is submerged in a powerful acid. Yet Terry somehow manages to get the box out and we are never shown how. I guess he had acid proof rope.


Correction: You mean like the naturally acid-resistant polypropylene or nylon ropes you can buy at any hardware store? It would not be unreasonable for him to have one of those with him.

J I Cohen

Corrected entry: On the dive boat at the beginning of the film Lara says "Even if half the temple is intact it will still be the greatest find since the pyramids". Presumably she is talking about the Great Pyramids, but when were the pyramids ever lost?


Correction: She is not talking about the pyramids themselves but the treasures found inside the pyramids.


Corrected entry: When escaping the Luna Temple, Lara cuts her arm to lure the shark with her blood. Why? She already had a bleeding wound on her leg where she got shot.

00:11:40 - 00:14:15

Correction: She cuts her arm to lower her blood pressure so she can hold her breath for longer.

Corrected entry: When Lara and Terry are talking about betrayal, Lara has blood on the collar of her jacket and the neck of her T-shirt. During some of the shots where they are attacking the helicopter, the blood is not there.


Correction: In some shots it is partially hidden when the clothing folds, but the blood is always there.


Corrected entry: When Sheridan is bandaging Lara Croft in the cradle of life, you can see him putting the bandages over what looks like a wristwratch. In the next scenes the bandages have moved higher on her arm and you can see the wristwatch. She could have pulled it up, but there are no traces of blood or anything on or around the wristwatch, it is totally clean, while earlier blood was dripping all over her hand.

Correction: The bandages never cover her watch; they are always between it and her elbow.


Corrected entry: When Lara and her partner are going face forward down the rope, they are actually anchored to the rope as one can see the rope being lowered with them attached; esp. his rope on ground level.


Correction: That's right. The ropes are on some sort of pulley system, so they are holding on the ropes and being lowered, not sliding down them.


Corrected entry: When Lara and Terry are 'hot dropped' into China their drop-pod is shown skitting along a lake like a skipping stone, careening towards a mountainside, totally out of control. Is that the way it was designed to operate? Isn't that a bit dangerous? And to leave the pod they eject while it's in 'mid-skid.' Considering that they had no way of controlling the pitch and yaw, ejection might have sent them down, sideways, or forwards. In this case they went UP and immediately DOWN - but physics dictates they would have been travelling forward with the same velocity as the drop-pod, which would have likely sent them into the mountainside to crash and die a painful, well-deserved death.

Correction: That was the way it was designed to operate. The plan is that the pod is destroyed so that the Chinese can't find it. Of course, the Chinese are perfectly capable of finding the little bits, but that's a different matter.


Corrected entry: In the fight with the Chinese bad guy in the cave, Laura stabs his foot with the bayonet on her rifle. In the next cut she lifts the rifle and the bayonet is gone.

Correction: She breaks it off and leaves it in his foot.


Corrected entry: When Lara and Terry escape from the Shay-Ling on the ropes they use no gloves or any device to help clinch their hands on the ropes. Had they really gone down all that way using their bare hands to squeeze the ropes, they would have had no skin left in their palms upon reaching bottom.

Correction: They are not sliding down the ropes; the ropes are on some sort of pulley system, so they are holding on to the ropes and being lowered.


Corrected entry: In the Luna Temple when Laura first approaches the map sphere, the metal stand it is on already has hand prints in the dust - where did they come from if no one has been there in over two thousand years?

Correction: I can't see any prints. Timecode and/or screenshot?


Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, Lara climbs aboard the dive boat, shown in two shots that are meant to be consecutive. The first shot shows her reaching the top step of the ladder, and she is smiling. The second shot is at a different angle, she is still climbing the ladder, and she is not smiling.

Correction: She's smiling as she's teasing the men about being wet. When she has finished speaking her smile turns into a pout. Then the shot changes and she is still pouting. The continuity is okay.


Corrected entry: In the scene after the Greece incident where we come in through the Croft Manor ground and the gates, as the camera reaches the doors, there is a man standing by one of the potted plants by the doors. It's not Bryce or Hilary as they are inside.

Correction: Actually, if you look carefully, you can see that the man is pruning the plant near the door. Explanation: he's the gardener. There is also a man after the riding scene that takes her horse for her, obviously another employee.

Corrected entry: Due to stringent gun laws in Hong Kong, security guards and criminals do not carry guns as the punishment for that is a long jail sentence. Gangsters use low-level criminals to carry weapons, but those are all stolen police revolvers or Chinese pistols. Lara would also never have been able to get her guns into Hong Kong. All firearms used in the movie while shooting in Hong Kong were replicas.


Correction: Presumably, Lara and Terry entered Hong Kong illegally and smuggled her weapons in. It's not likely they went through customs.

Corrected entry: In the beginning scene, Lara Croft is fighting a great white shark off the coast of Greece. Greece's coastline is on the Mediterranean sea, which is far too warm for a great white shark to be living in, as they are cold water animals. None of these creastures would ever be found in the Mediterranean sea.

Correction: In 1987 a Great White Shark was captured just off Malta, an island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. The Great White Shark was listed as an endangered species in the Barcelona Convention and is protected in Malta and Italy.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Lara and Terry glide off the top of a building over the ocean, they deploy parachutes and land on a ship. The parachutes then disappear in the following wide angle shot.

Correction: They are holding them folded - there's a short timelapse during which they gathered them up.

Corrected entry: Lara Croft attaches a transmitter on the box in the scene where it is picked up by Reiss in the helicopter. Then Sheridan arrives from up on the buidling and she checks and the helicopter has flown to an entirely different city, with only a few minutes passed.

Correction: The device she has predicts the most likely destination. As the helicopter doesn't need to follow roads, it will go in a straight line till it gets to where it needs to go, making the destination easy to plot.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Lara is leading Reiss to the Cradle of Life, Terry very obviously climbs out of a helicopter, he gets out the right side of the helicopter, so we assume he has just flown it. Then, after he knocks out the two security guards who are looking after Lara's two friends, he says "Do either of you boys know how to fly a helicopter?" Hello Mr. Sheridan, didn't you just fly one here?

Correction: He's asking if they can fly a helicopter so he can take them with him and then leave, leaving piloting to one of them (as we see later in the movie).

Corrected entry: With the Luna Temple submerged in water all those years, wouldn't it have already been filled with water since the water is leaking in the cracks when Lara and the other people are there...if it had done it all those years wouldn't it have accumulated?

Correction: The cracks originated recently due to the quake that revealed the temple after all those years

Corrected entry: After escaping from being handcuffed to the bed, how could Terry possibly have known that Lara would go to a boat to borrow television equipment - let alone which of the many hundreds of boats she would choose. It was shown that the boat she chose had a fancy radar thing, but it can't have been unique - the family living on it was nothing special.


Correction: It was a total fluke that he found the boat. He boarded it to ask for directions then noticed the little girl wearing Lara's shirt.

Corrected entry: As Lara and Terry fly out to the meeting point in Hong Kong harbor, they eventually deploy their parachutes. As they land on the ship, you can see the parachutes coming down behind them, but when the camera cuts to a shot from far away, you no longer see the parachutes. What happened to the parachutes?


Correction: You can see them holding the parachutes in their arms in the next shot.

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Terry Sheridan: You can break my wrists, but I'm still gonna kiss you.



In the lab in Hong Kong, Lara is held down on a table covered in broken glass. Her head is pushed around, she is shown grimacing with pain and blood is shown on the glass. When she stands up, her face is unmarked.



Lara tells Terry that she will take "four minutes" with Chen Lo. The fight sequence between her and Chen Lo ends almost exactly four minutes later.