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Continuity mistake: Before going to the theatre to watch Neil's performance, the boys are grooming themselves at the school. Todd has combed his hair backwards and styling remedies has been applied. But when the group are about to leave the theatre after the play and Neil and his father passes them at the entrance, Todd has his regular hairdo again.

Continuity mistake: When Neil is talking to Todd about doing the play, Neil takes off his jacket. In the next shot, he's holding the jacket differently.


Continuity mistake: At the very end, about 14-15 students are seen stepping to the tops of their desks. The last shot before the credits, however, shows only 10-11 students on their desktops.

Matty Blast

Continuity mistake: When Knox is trying to talk Chris into going to the play with him, for about four shots between the two of them it changes from snowing pretty hard to not snowing at all.

Continuity mistake: The first day of school in Neil Perry's boarding room. Charlie Dalton tells Neil "rumor has it, you did summer school." Neil replies "yep, Chemistry." When the chemistry teacher is handing out assignments and textbooks, Neil can be seen sitting in the class. He should have already completed chemistry.

Continuity mistake: When Keating tells the students to draw a graph, they all follow him step by step. For a specific shot, Meeks mimics what Keating writes on the board and draws a bar graph and colours it. Problem is, Keating does not draw the bar and colour it until a shot later. The movie should have been edited the other way around.


Continuity mistake: During the final scene when the boys stand up on their desks, the boy with dark brown hair stands up twice. After Pitts stands up we see him contemplating, then when Meeks stands up he is visible standing up already, but then seconds later he stands up again.

Factual error: The film takes place in a private boarding school the 1950's, however one of the students is studying from a 1980's chemistry textbook. The obvious giveaway is that the spine of one book shows HBJ as the publisher. Jovanovich was not added to Harcourt Brace until the 1970s.

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John Keating: There's a time for daring and there's a time for caution, and a wise man understands which is called for.

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Question: Just before Todd Anderson has his emotional breakdown about Neil's death, one of his friends grabs a handful of snow and shoves it at his mouth. Why did he do that? It makes no sense.

Matty Blast

Chosen answer: He is just trying to get something to help wash the taste of vomit out of Todd's mouth.


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