Hanover Street
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David Halloran: You've got to go to him, and I've got to turn and walk away.

David Halloran: Think of me when you drink tea.

Sarah Sellinger: Mummy... when am I going to get breasts?
Margaret Sellinger: Next Tuesday. Why?
Sarah Sellinger: I don't know. Sometimes I think they look silly.
Margaret Sellinger: Well, they do look best with formal wear.

Margaret Sellinger: I wish I didn't cry all the damn time.

Margaret Sellinger: Are you all right? Are you hurt?
David Halloran: I was lost for awhile, but, I think I'm back now.

Continuity mistake: When Halloran sets the barn on fire to distract the Germans he lights up some straw with a match. All of a sudden you see flames flickering up at various places which could not be caused by the fire he made. (01:32:45)

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Trivia: Halloran's plane, George-Ann, is named after the director's wife.

Lynette Carrington
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