Hanover Street

Continuity mistake: When Halloran sets the barn on fire to distract the Germans he lights up some straw with a match. All of a sudden you see flames flickering up at various places which could not be caused by the fire he made.



Continuity mistake: Halloran's parachute gets stuck in the trees and leaves him hanging at least 10 meters above the ground. However, in the following close-up shots he opens his belt and lands on the ground without any effort.



Continuity mistake: At the briefing before Halloran's second mission there are three bright ceiling lamps switched on in the hall. Immediately after the briefing Col. Bart wants to have a private word with him and the lamps are switched off, without any visible change of lighting.



Continuity mistake: After the landing Halloran has a strap attached to the front of his vest. In the next shot it's gone.



Continuity mistake: In the first scene at Margaret's home she is wearing black sandals when she is sitting at the table. When she drops the teapot the close-up of her feet shows some clumsy brown slippers.



Continuity mistake: The windshields of the cockpit of Halloran's plane have different panes, depending if they are shown from inside or outside.



Continuity mistake: The informant who calls the Germans when Halloran and Sellinger hide in the barn is wearing only a shirt when he is seen behind the curtain. A moment later, when he makes his call, he is wearing a jacket and a hat. Why would he put those on just to make a phonecall?



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