From Justin To Kelly

Corrected entry: During the scene when Alexa meets Justin in the cabana, he says "thanks for coming" and then later Alexa tells Kelly that Justin called her. Justin thinks that Alexa's cell phone number is Kelly's number, which is a huge part of the plot. So how is it that Justin was able to contact Alexa to meet up with him if he couldn't have called her?

Correction: Alexa lied to Kelly. She was trying to make it seem like Justin was the guy who was going after Alexa, and not Alexa after Justin. They probably met up on the beach, and he asked her to meet her there. Then when he showed up, he said thanks for being there. When Kelly saw her kiss Justin, Alexa had to come up with a lie to make it seem like she did nothing wrong.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Kelly finds out that Alexa has been exchanging text messages with Justin (in the club) and then she leaves, she forgets her purse. But then when it shows her outside singing "Anytime", she has her purse.

Correction: That's because Kaya reached over and grabbed it as she and Carlos left.

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