From Justin To Kelly

Continuity mistake: During the dance sequence for "That's the Way (I Like It)" Kelly's shoes change twice: at the beginning she is wearing open-toed black shoes, then she is wearing sneakers for about two seconds, then back to the open-toed shoes and finally to the sneakers for the remainder of the scene. (01:13:25)

Continuity mistake: When the girls are leaving the beach, Alexa receives the first text message from Justin. They show her phone up close, and you can see her phone doesn't have a antenna. When she puts her phone back in her purse, her phone does have an antenna.

Continuity mistake: During the dance scene on the beach, at the beginning of the movie, Kelly is holding a ball in one shot, then in the next she is not, and then she is holding the ball again, all before they throw the balls in the air.

Revealing mistake: When the song "Forever part of me" is right after the scene were both Kelly and Justin are talking to there friends about finding one another, right before the song begins the camera pans to Justin and behind Justin in the left side of the screen there is a guy lip-syncing to the words. But the words in the song have not started yet.

Continuity mistake: When Kelly is singing "Anytime," she holds her purse for most of the song. But when she reaches the railing, her purse has disappeared.

Revealing mistake: When Kelly gave Justin her phone number, she used an area code from Texas (972) which is where they are all from. But when Alexa later gave Justin a phone number for Kelly she gave her own cell phone number. She used the area code 239 which is actually in Florida.

Plot hole: When Kelly writes her number on the paper towel and it ends up in the puddle, it becomes unreadable. It was written with lipstick, which is always oil based and wouldn't bleed at all in water.


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