Days of Thunder

Factual error: A Nascar driver can't go from the pits, to top speed, and pass 43 other cars in only three laps. The drivers get to top speed very quickly and they do not have an extra gear to shift into, like Cruise did when he decided to just run through all 43 cars to first place. Cruise manages this awesome feat at the end of the race. Amazing racing.

Audio problem: At the Daytona 500, Cole bumps the race leader (Wheeler, I believe) and says "Remember me?" His lips don't move.

Factual error: I don't know many men who can jump out of a 150 degree race car after 500 miles, not have anything to drink and immediately have a 100 yd footrace with their crew chief. No matter how many drinks of water a driver might receive, he is physically and mentally exhausted after driving 500 miles at around 200 mph inside a 120°F-140°F racecar which he has used to dance around within a tightly packed group of cars.

Other mistake: After the drivers enter their cars at the Daytona 500 at the end, there is a shot where Russ Wheeler's #18 Hardee's car is in the inside lane and mid-pack a row ahead of Cole's car on the outside. In the overhead shot as they get the "start your engines" command and the shot immediately following, you see Cole on the inside and Russ on the outside of the last row. This is compounded because they show Russ looking to his right and Cole to his left at each other indicating that they have reversed sides again. Also, Russ starting mid-pack would not be feasible and back of the pack unlikely since they said he won the pole. Even with the Duels races setting up the lineup, the front row qualifiers still stay the same at Daytona. Russ could be at the back if he made changes to his car (which Cole did). Not sure if either of those rules were different in 1993. Along the line of the Duels, the plot seems to imply it is Cole's first time back in the car and he is nervous. However, he would have run in practice and his duel race already by the start of the 500.

Audio problem: In the final race, Cole says "Son of a... !", but as occurred in a previous race, his lips don't move. (01:37:15)


Continuity mistake: When Cole and Dr. Lewicki visit the Rowdy Burns residence, Rowdy faints and falls during his exam. When he is shown on the floor, it appears that actor John C. Reilly (Buck) stood in. It doesn't appear to be Rowdy Burns on the floor.

Audio problem: In Cole's second race after returning from his injuries, he is heard to say "Son of a bitch!" after Russ collides with him, but his lips don't move. (01:09:55)


Tim Daland: I had sponsors in from all over the coast and I'm hugging, and holding hands, and praying for a good showin'. And what do we do? We end up looking like a monkey fucking a football out there. Everybody out, please.

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Trivia: The scene where Tim approaches Harry at a tractor was filmed at the farm of NASCAR legend Junior Johnson.

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