The Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Revealing mistake: In the end when Jenny is sitting in a chair at the hospital with a doctor, in the glass screen behind the doctor you can see the reflection of the gurney which will be pushed on-screen in a few seconds. The doctor is obviously waiting with the gurney for his cue to come past.


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Revealing mistake: As Leatherface breaks parts of the front door out with his chainsaw, there are three very large cracks in the door, presumeably to help him break the parts of the door out. In all previous shots/scenes, there were no cracks in the same part of the door.


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Revealing mistake: When Jenny jumps through the window, as she lands on the roof she rolls to the side and her legs fly upward. You can clearly see she has protective padded socks on. She is barefoot in all previous and following shots.


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Revealing mistake: As she is chased by Leatherface, Jenny runs to Darla's real estate trailer and bangs on the door. As soon as the trailer comes into shot, you can clearly see through the glass of the door, Darla is standing by the door already (waiting for cue) and then she opens the door after a few seconds, in suprise.


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Revealing mistake: When Vilmer is chasing after Jenny across the field in his truck, in the frontal shots of Jenny running you can see that she is wearing some kind of (protective?) white leggins that are not present in any other scene.


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Revealing mistake: When Jenny is cowering in the corner of the roof, as Leatherface is attacking the chimney with his chainsaw, you can clearly see that Jenny is not Renée Zellweger, but a stunt double.


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