The Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Corrected entry: After Jenny is chased from the house, she runs down the road to Darla's trailer for help. But why does Jenny go there if she witnessed Darla conversing with Vilmer, who hunted her down with his truck earlier? It wasn't hard to figure out that she was a psycho also.

Correction: When you have been chased by a man who killed your friend, and then chased by a man wearing another person's skin and trying to cut you with a chainsaw, you are going to go to the nearest person you know of. And Jenny had no reason to believe Darla knew of Vilmer's craziness. She knew that Darla was nice, and was the only person around who could help.

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Heather: Barry, I saw you, you were kissing her.
Barry: Once, I kissed her once! God, it's like I can't talk to my friends anymore, I can't believe how posessive you are.
Heather: Oh right, I guess that's why you were feeling her up?
Barry: Look, guys need sex. It's bad for you if you get all worked up and then not get it, you can get "prostrate" cancer. Is that what you want?



When Leatherface is chasing Jenny, she gets into a couple's caravan. After Leatherface tries to get in, it cuts to an exterior shot and as Leatherface is running along with the caravan, in the window behind him you can see a crewmember with a cap on, running behind him off-screen.