Live From Baghdad
Movie Quote Quiz

Customs Inspector: 23 bottles of vodka?
Robert Wiener: There was supposed to be 24. Shit.
Customs Inspector: For personal use?
Robert Wiener: Yeah.
Customs Inspector: You are an alcoholic.
Robert Wiener: You're a customs inspector. We all have our parts to play.

Ingrid Formanek: Say this - "La tapar, ana Sahaffi."
Robert Wiener: La tapar, ana Sahaffi.
Ingrid Formanek: Pretty good.
Robert Wiener: What does it mean?
Ingrid Formanek: "Don't shoot, I'm a journalist."

Richard Roth: Hi. Richard Roth. Don't call me 'Dick'.
Robert Wiener: Robert Wiener. Don't call me 'Dick', either.

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