Stupidity: If Guerrero had limited money and wanted to be sure to blow up the plane over water, he certainly could have bought a ticket to a much cheaper destination than Rome, such as a Caribbean island.

Continuity mistake: Burt Lancaster is sitting in his car at the end, and he asks the tower if he can listen to the radio traffic for the incoming plane that's landing. The tower replies "Sure, it's on frequency 117.1". Burt then tunes the dial on his receiver to 171, not 117. 170 is blatantly written under the dial in bold type.

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Ada Quonsett: My late husband taught me to be thorough. He was a teacher of geometry. He always said: "You must consider every angle."
Tanya Livingston: My late husband was a lawyer, and he always said: "Watch out for sweet-looking innocent, little old ladies." I'm beginning to understand what he meant.

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Trivia: The film was based on actual events.

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Suggested correction: Rather than make a blanket statement, it would be best to include details to show how you came to the conclusion, otherwise it looks like a copy paste entry from another website. The incident involving the man bringing a bomb on board in hopes that his wife could collect on his insurance does resemble a real life incident which occurred in 1962. While this film was based on the novel "Airport", the novel itself was published in 1968 and the author took inspiration from this real life 1962 incident.


Suggested correction: The film was based on Arthur Hailey's 1968 novel of the same name. It is strictly a work of fiction.

One part of the book itself was inspired by true events.

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