Crash (1996)

Ending / spoiler

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Vaughan dies driving his car off the freeway. James and Catherine Ballard re-enact the crash with Vaughan's car but don't succeed in dying.

A.D. Striker

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James Ballard: You had sex with all those men in cars? Only in cars?
Helen Remington: Yes. I didn't plan it that way.
James Ballard: Did you fantasize that Vaughan was photographing all these sex acts as though they were traffic accidents?
Helen Remington: Yes. They felt like traffic accidents.



When James gets involved in his first car crash, his car goes out of control and just swerves past the first oncoming car, then he starts to swerve towards the side railings, but in the next shot, the car starts to swerve towards the railings again just before it hits the oncoming car.