Calamity Jane

Continuity mistake: When Francis Fryer throws the cowboy he loses the scarf in his hand but when the camera angle changes he has it again.

Continuity mistake: In the scene after the dance, when Calamity and Wild Bill Hickok return to her place, she is wearing a fancy, floor-length off-the-shoulder dress - no straps. Calamity asks Bill to turn around so she can change. After Bill turns, the cut back to Calamity reveals her wearing an undergarment with wide straps over the shoulders and a pair of bloomers. No way that garment could have been under that dress.

Continuity mistake: During "I Could Do Without You", after Bill pushes Calamity off the bar, the tie around his neck has flipped halfway over his shoulder. In the next cut, when she jumps up to sing "Boo!" in his ear, both halves of the tie are against his chest.


Continuity mistake: When Calamity and Katie arrive in town after leaving Chicago an extra bag appears on the roof beside the large suitcase. This bag was not there during the shoot out with the Indians.


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