The Lizzie McGuire Movie
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Lizzie: Gordo, when have you become an expert on Italian Award show thingies?
Gordo: It's called common sense Lizzie. Which I happen to have a lot of to make up for my lack of "Slow curve."
Kate Sanders: Slow curve?
Gordo: Never mind.

Lizzie: I'm like, physically incapable of sneaking.

Matt McGuire: 74 percent of Italian teenage boys said that they would most like to date American girls.
Sam McGuire: Where'd you get these numbers?
Matt McGuire: They're available for everyone who's got a computer.

Ethan: When are we going to eat spaghetti?
Kate: Its like nine in the morning.
Ethan: So what? You've never had spaghetti for breakfast before?
Kate: I don't eat carbs.
Ethan: So I suppose you've never had a spaghetti sandwich before?
Kate: This experience is so totally wasted on you.
Miss Ungermeyer: Craft! Sanders! Seperate.
Kate: Oh, we did! And thank god.
Miss Ungermeyer: Ok, let's try something at your education level and take a ten minute shopping break while I choke down an espresso.

Miss Ungermeyer: Room assignments: David Gordon, you'll be rooming with Ethan Craft. You'll be in room 103.
Ethan: Are those English or Italian numbers?

Isabella: Who are you going to believe? This boy you are knowing your whole life? Or this boy you are just meeting, who says "You shine like the light from the sun"?

Sergei: Sergei is hungry.
Miss Ungermeyer: So is Miss Ungermeyer.

Miss Ungermeyer: Mr. Craft, you are in the most beautiful city in the world, is this having any effect on you?
Ethan: Yeah the cobble stones are like totally thrashing on my wheels.

Miss Ungermeyer: What's your name?
Gordo: David Gordan.
Miss Ungermeyer: David Gordan. I think that's Italian for 'sneaky little brown noser with a hidden agenda'.

Miss Ungermeyer: Mr. Craft, have you even started on your summer reading list?
Ethan: I finished it.
Miss Ungermeyer: You read eleven books?
Ethan: I mean I read the list.

Kate: How many Lizzies does it take to screw in a light bulb? Hmmm, I don't know, but it only takes one to screw up a graduation.

Gordo: Wow, evil and smart.
Kate: Embrace it. Fear it.

Giorgio: We serve, at a five, the cookies.

Miss Ungermeyer: You will get to experience the delights of La Citta Eterna. Rome. Eternal city. Did no-one read the info packets?

Miss Ungermeyer: Gordon, you having a problem?
Gordo: No, no... I-I just... I'm starting to agree with Ethan. I-I think we need to eat more spaghetti.
Ethan: You're the man.

Jo McGuire: Honey, just yesterday you were in diapers - now you've graduated junior high, and you're growing up, going to Rome for two weeks all by yourself. Without me. Without me there. Without me with you. You there without me.
Lizzie McGuire: That's just about all the combinations of those words you can make, Mom.

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