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Corrected entry: At the end when Isabella goes off the stage and says: "Go, Sing!" Lizzie turns to the audience and the camera shows the people. In the next shot, she turns around to the audience again.


Correction: The two shots of Lizzie turning around as Isabella exits the stage and Lizzie turning around to face the audience is the same scene, but at different shots. In the scene that happens after the first shot and another shot that faces the audience, you can see behind Lizzie as she's turning to face the audience Isabella's hair for about half a second as she exits the stage. This would mean that these two shots happen in the same moment, but appear in the movie as happening at different times.

Corrected entry: In the last scene where Isabela and Lizzie are singing, Isabela goes to go offstage. But Lizzie says "Isabela wait". What she said should have been boomed out of the speakers and not just a normal talking voice.

Correction: Actually in the scene before, Isabella tells the sound manager to turn down Lizzie's microphone, so her voice would not have been projected through the speakers.

Corrected entry: When Matt and Melina were lookingat the internet site, Melina said "Isabella goes blonde" but on the computer, it said "Isabella is blonde".

Correction: "Isabella is blonde" is the title of the article but Melina was reading the article that does indeed say Isabella goes blonde.

Corrected entry: At the end when Lizzie is singing what dreams are made of, how does she know all of the words, because she doesn't know Isabella and Paolo so she wouldn't know their songs. Also how would Lizzie know the dance routine, because when practicing they only practiced the singing?

Correction: When Paolo takes her to practice in the theater she says, "You know the song right?" then she says, "Yeah I have your CD." So she knew the song because she brought the CD while she was in Rome, she even says that earlier. She knows the dance routine because after they did the singing Paolo said, "And now we dance," and it shows them practicing the dance moves, so they did practice the dance moves.

Corrected entry: At the concert, Isabella is walking off stage and Lizzie says to her 'wait.' Why didn't the microphone pick this up so everyone could hear it? It was obvious that the microphones were working though because right after that, she starts singing again.

Correction: How do you know that the microphone didn't pick this up?

Corrected entry: In the scene where Lizzie gets an outfit for the movie awards, before she enters the building her hair is down, but when she goes in, her hair is up in a pony tail, and then when she leaves, her hair is down again.

Correction: Many girls carry around ponytail holders on their wrist, in their pocket or handbag. There is time enough for her to scoop her hair up in a ponytail between those shots.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Lizzie is going to get her dress for the awards show, as Paulo and she enter the building, they meet a couple who ask who did Lizzie's hair. Lizzie replies "The island I was on was just really sunny." but then later in the film when Paulo takes Lizzie to the garden Lizzie says "But what will Isabella do if she sees me?" to which Paulo replies "Ah, but she won't. She's on some island trying to forget about all this." If Lizzie had mentioned it earlier, she should have known that Isabella was on the island.

Correction: She knew Isabella was on the island, she was just worried that she would see her on TV, he made the comment that she's trying to forget all about the whole thing, so she wouldn't be checking how things are going where Paulo is.

Corrected entry: At the end where Lizzie is performing 'What Dreams Are Made Of', she and the back-up dancers are performing like the stunt with Paolo had already been planned, even though Lizzie, Isabella and Gordo had only planned it that night. If they were doing it completely spur of the moment, it wouldn't had be that good, and Lizzie wouldn't have been wearing pants underneath her skirt for them to pull off.

Correction: Even though the stunt with Paulo was planned that night, when Lizzie should have performed with Paulo, maybe they had rehearsed so that Lizzie did have pants under her skirt for the back-up dancers to pull off.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Lizzie and Gordo are talking about graduation, Kate accuses Lizzie of wearing the same dress at graduation that she did at the spring dance. But in "You're a Good Man, Lizzie McGuire," Lizzie didn't go to the Spring Fling dance.

Correction: The movie takes place a year after that episode. There could have been another Spring Fling Dance.

Corrected entry: When Lizzie is on stage singing "What dreams Are Made Of", when it gets to the "Hey Hey Hey" part, the audience (including the Americans who have never heard of Paolo and Isabella) raise their arms at the exact same time as Lizzie. If the Americans did not know the song, how did they know when to put up their arms and how many times to do it..

Correction: They would've just been copying the Italians. Haven't you ever just copied someone if everyone was doing it but you didn't know what to do?

Corrected entry: In the scene where Miss Ungermeyer is about to take the apricots to Lizzie, Gordo tries to stop her. Gordo ends up getting kicked off the trip, and Miss Ungermeyer and the class go on their tour for the day. Miss Ungermeyer, however walks away with the apricots in hand, when the whole reason that Gordo got sent home is because Lizzie needed her apricots.

Correction: That was the idea, Gordo was trying to distract Miss Ungermeyer so that she wouldn't find out that Lizzie wasn't in her room.

Corrected entry: When they arrive in Rome it is evening and when they get off the bus it is nightfall. However, a little while later when Gordo takes Lizzie up to the roof of the building it is sunset again. It couldn't be the next evening because they are both still wearing the same clothes they wore on the plane.

Correction: I am pretty sure that it is sunrise, not sunset. The flight to Rome was an overnighter.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Lizzie and Paolo are rehearsing at the rehearsal hall, Paolo told Lizzie to lipsynch. They were face to face when he told her that. In the next shot, they were very distant from one another. He was at one corner and she was at another corner. And then they start to move towards each other. How would they have moved so quickly?

Correction: Perhaps the director cut it because of time, or didn't believe it was needed. Would you want to wait for them to walk all the way across the floor to continue the movie?

Corrected entry: Paolo and Isabella are supposed to be huge Italian pop stars, but when Paulo and Lizzie - who is pretending to be Isabella - go to see the fireworks and the fountain nobody recognizes them. In real life, famous people like Paolo and Isabella would be swarmed by fans and photographers.

Correction: Paolo and Isabella (Lizzie) were not being swarmed at the treve fountain because the people who go to there are mostly tourists and wouldn't necessarily know who Paolo and Isabella are.

Corrected entry: There is a scene where Miss Ungermeyer is slowly sliding down the hallway, looking into everybody's room. The third room she goes into is room 102. In there, Ethan is playing with his skateboard. She talks to him and closes the door. The door now says room 103.

Correction: Miss Ungermeyer did not enter room 102, you only see her putting her head close to the room to listen in. Throughout the movie you'll notice that Gordo and Ethan share a room and their room was 103. Therefore one can suggest that Miss Ungermeyer just went across the hall after listening into room 102, to enter room 103 where Ethan was playing with his skateboard

Corrected entry: If Lizzie is being mistaken for Italian pop star Isabella, then wouldn't her crew recognize her accent change? We meet Isabella later on in the movie, and she has quite a strong accent. When Lizze was talking to the fashion designer, then why didn't she think Isabella was someone else, with an American accent like that?

Correction: The whole time that Lizzie is acting like Isabella, Lizzie and Pablo keep saying that "Isabella" is different because of the time they spent on the island. That is why the fashion designer didn't say anything about the accent.

Corrected entry: Why would Lizzie be picked to deliver the speech, just because she was school secretary? She was in student government, but why not Gordo? He's supposed to be a straight A student, much better academically than she. Why didn't she concede, and ask him to give the speech?

Correction: Gordo was not in student government and probably, in their school, only someone in student government can speak. The school president was sick and the vice president couldn't do it so Lizzie was next in command.

Corrected entry: Why does Isabella return? Paolo says there is no way she'll find out about Lizzie impersonating her, she's on an island. Does she just come back to see what happens to Paolo at the awards when she's not there?

Correction: Isabella saw Lizzie on a magazine cover posing as her and came back to find out what was going on.

Corrected entry: Throughout the movie Lizzie's hair gets thicker. At the beginning of the movie (on DVD) her hair is thin, then by the end it is very thick.

Correction: When Kate catches Lizzie out, she says stuff about her eyebrows finally being straight and her hair having highlights. Some possible and plausible explanations are, that when she got the highlights the hair dressers gave her hair extensions to give her a fuller/thicker look or she has hair care products to make her hair fuller. These are very realistic and plausible explanations.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Gordo shows Lizzie and Kate the magazine with Lizzie and Paolo on it, the animated Lizzie holds up a paper that shows the people she "would like to thank for this great honor". You will notice that Mom is on the list twice.

Correction: The list "Mom, Dad, Gordo" is repeated over and over again because as she says 'Thanks to those who believes in me'...these are the people closest to her.

Actually the list says MOM DAD GORDO MOM ETHAN LARRY.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Lizzie's parents are seeing her off for her trip to Rome, she first walks away from her family after exchanging hugs and the legs of her pants are rolled up. She then turns around and walks back for a second hug with her mother and when she turns around and walks away from the family a second time, her pants are no longer rolled up.

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Kate: How many Lizzies does it take to screw in a light bulb? Hmmm, I don't know, but it only takes one to screw up a graduation.

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Trivia: When Ms. Ungermyer takes Ethen's headphones off he is listening to "Girl in the Band" by Haley Duff, Hilary Duff's sister.

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Question: What does 'carina' mean? Paulo says it a lot, like when Lizzie and Paulo are on the motorbike (just before seeing the class bus), Paulo says 'Si, carina.'

Answer: Carina means "pretty" or "pretty one".


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