Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Laura is raped and killed in the train car by her father, Leland, who is possessed by BOB. Annie Blackburn is lying in a hospital repeating what she said to Laura. A nurse steals the owl ring and begins laugh to herself. Meanwhile Dale's evil doppleganger enters the real world and meets up with the others. The Movie finishes with the Man From Another Place dancing in the black realm next to Laura who is sitting on Dales lap.


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Jeffries: It was a dream! We live inside a dream.



When Chet and Stanley asks Irene some questions (in the café, about 15 minutes into the movie) about the murder, the cigarette Irene smokes changes a few times between the shots. Most obvious is the length of the ashes.



Dale Cooper's role was originally larger than it appeared in the final film. Kyle MacLachlan had originally declined to appear, for fear of being typecast. To compensate, his role was downgraded to a minor cameo, and a new character was created to fill the role of lead investigator.