The Cutting Edge

The Cutting Edge (1992)


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Anton: Man and woman together make flower. Douglas, you are stem. Katya, you are petal. Together, we make flower.

Doug: Well, actually, it's kinda interesting.
Woman in Bar: I'll bet.
Drunk: Tell him.
Woman in Bar #2: We're waiting.
Doug: I - I b - I been doin' a little - I been doin' a little figure skating.
Drunk: Damn.
Man in Bar: What'd he say?
Walter Dorsey: You been doin' what?
Old man in back of bar: Finger painting?

Kate: God's gift to reckless abandon revealed as nothing but a prude in wolf's clothing.

Lorie Peckarovski: Oh, we're definitely a team.
Brian Newman: Definitely.
Lorie Peckarovski: There's a real sense of togetherness.
Doug Dorsey: Spirit.
Lorie Peckarovski: Spirit. Family. It's,, It's sort of,, It's almost,, It's almost.
Kate Mosley: Orgasmic.

Hale: I understand you've been giving Kate a rough time.
Doug Dorsey: You know Kate.
Hale: Yes, I do. And I don't like to see her upset.
Doug Dorsey: If I was you, I'd invest in blindfolds.

Doug: Don't say we are not right for each other, for the way is see it we might not be right for anybody else.

Doug: Yeah, what's the deal - you goof on me, my brother buys you a beer?
Anton: What-what means 'goof'?

Kate: What do you do, shower once a week?
Doug: Is that an invitation?

Kate: The only problem that he has is finding his zipper fast enough.

Doug: Parlez-vous Olympics?

Doug: It can't be any harder to stay together than it was to stay apart.

Doctor: You got a blind side, Doug. It's a permanent condition.
Doug Dorsey: So there's an operation, right?
Doctor: I'm afraid not.
Doug Dorsey: Some micro-laser thing. You open me up and.
Doctor: Doug, I've specialized in ophthalmic surgery for over 15 years.
Doug Dorsey: Okay, you don't do it, but somebody, somewhere, down in Mexico City, they shoot shark piss up your nose, you sit in traction for eight months.
Doctor: Doug... I'm sorry. I don't see professional hockey in your future.

Doug: There's only two things I do really well, sweetheart, and skating's the other one.

Doug Dorsey: I was gonna tell you - that book you gave me, it's pretty good.
Kate Mosley: Really. Using it as a doorstop, or a coaster?

Kate: I swear, you let me down and it'll take them a month to count the blade marks up your back.

Kate: An old shirt.
Doug: An old shirt? Bobby Hull wore that sweater. That's Bobby Hull's game sweater. That - I've had that 15 years. Bobby Hull.

Continuity mistake: When Doug and Kate are doing the short programme at the Nationals and they perform the side-by-side double axels, when Kate spins, the sole of her boot is wooden. When she lands the spin, it is black plastic.

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Question: I'm no expert on figure skating, so could someone explain why Kate couldn't just become a single skater when she had trouble finding a partner to work with? (Her father says that they should have made her a single skater). To the untrained eye, the fundamentals of single and pair skating seem the same.


Chosen answer: One reason is that singles skating focuses on jumps. Pair skaters usually do side-by-side jumps like double axles and the easier triple jumps. Single skaters now do up to three triple jumps in a row - a skill that pair skaters do not work so hard to master and may set her back in competitions.

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