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Corrected entry: Doug and Kate's first meeting, very early in the film, is when they run into each other in the hallway of an ice arena - supposedly she's running off, leaving the rink where she was just practicing, while he's running towards the rink where his game is. Thing is, in reality they wouldn't have both been in that building at that time. Hockey (Doug's event) and figure skating (Kate's event) were given totally separate buildings.

Correction: They weren't practicing at the Olympic venues. In my town figure skating and hockey are done in the same facility.

Factual error: During the movie, Doug watches video from the previous Olympic competition. The skaters are shown performing in a darkened arena lit by spotlights. Special lighting effects like this are not allowed in competition. All competitions take place in a brightly lit arena.

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Anton: Man and woman together make flower. Douglas, you are stem. Katya, you are petal. Together, we make flower.

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Question: I'm no expert on figure skating, so could someone explain why Kate couldn't just become a single skater when she had trouble finding a partner to work with? (Her father says that they should have made her a single skater). To the untrained eye, the fundamentals of single and pair skating seem the same.


Chosen answer: One reason is that singles skating focuses on jumps. Pair skaters usually do side-by-side jumps like double axles and the easier triple jumps. Single skaters now do up to three triple jumps in a row - a skill that pair skaters do not work so hard to master and may set her back in competitions.

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