Bulletproof Monk

Kar (Sean William Scott) and Chow Yun Fat defeat the evil nazi guy. Chow Yun Fat passes on his power and knowledge to Kar and it turns out that Jade is also next in line to be a guardian of the scroll because she was also a part of the three prophecies. Kar and Jade are guardians of the scroll for the next 60 years. Chow Yun Fat ages into an old man and goes on vacation.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Jade and Kar are driving in Jade's SUV to rescue the Monk from the German, Jade reaches down to hold Kar's hand, but when the camera angle changes, she has both hands firmly on the steering wheel.

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Monk With No Name: It's not about anger - it's about peace. It's not about power - it's about grace. It's not about knowing your enemy - it's about knowing yourself.

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