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Corrected entry: When Kar and Jade are driving to rescue the Monk, you can see that the car is not moving when the camera shows the driver's side window and nothing is moving past them as they are talking. (01:18:00)


Correction: Given that it's dark outside, there wasn't anything to see, especially the way the lighting is set up. But we do see the lights and shadows pass by though indicating movement (most noticeably the red light passing by on the passenger side).


Corrected entry: In the scene where Sean William Scott finds his landlord dead, whenever there is a shot of the dead body you can see him breathing. (00:58:37)

Correction: After closely watching this scene, I never see any breathing or movement. Since it was raining, there is the reflection of the rain on all 3 of the people which might have made you think there was breathing.


Corrected entry: When the bad guys are chasing the Monk and Kar across the street, you see a BMW almost hit them and it stops in the street. The camera angle changes - the bad guys are crossing the street, the BMW is now gone, and a different car almost hits them in the same place the BMW almost hit the Monk and Kar. (00:40:04)


Correction: The BMW that almost hits the Monk drives off (just like the Cadillac does). We actually see the 2nd car that almost hits the bad guys making the right hand turn on to the street as the BMW swerves to miss the Monk.


Corrected entry: The Monk With No Name helps his Master from almost falling off the bridge and when he pulls him up they are standing in front of each other. The camera angle changes and they are now almost 10 feet from each other. (00:02:39)


Correction: It's obvious that it's not directly after, but a few seconds after.

Corrected entry: When Kar unwraps the phone cord from his boss's neck, it is still in coiled fashion, how do you choke someone to death without tightening the cord? (01:06:10)

Sol Parker

Correction: Most phone cords even when stretched will return to there coiled state when let go, so although it was tight to choke the guy, it would have become recoiled when it was let go.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Monk corrects Kar's pronunciation of his name he tells him he "doesn't look Cantonese". Cantonese is a dialect - there's no such thing as "looking" it. Kar does mean family but the word means nothing on its own. It's like calling yourself "me". (00:27:55)

Correction: Cantonese is a dialect from the Quangdong Province. In Chinese, you can call someone a "guangdong ren," someone from Guangdong...so someone who looks Cantonese is correct in this sense. The family character alone can still mean family when translated to english....

Corrected entry: After Kar's (Seann Scott Williams) fight with Mr. Funktastic, the patches of dirt on Mr. Funktastic's jacket change between shots.


Correction: Mr. Funktastic never has a jacket on before, during, or after the fight.


Corrected entry: The leader of the underground gang calls himself Mister Fantastic. The tattoo on his chest says Mister Funktastic.

Correction: Yes, at one point in time he calls himself "Mr. Fantastic". However, later in the same scene he refers to himself as "Mr. Funktastic" just like everyone else calls him. It is his nickname. For example; when Jade tells him fighting makes her hot, he tells Kar that he can't finish him off because his lady needs some "funktastic lovin'" or something to that effect.

Corrected entry: Monk (Chow Yun-Fat) learned he must never read the entire scroll or he would gain all the power of the earth. He had to have read it to tattoo it on his body and memorize the last verse. If he had all the power, he shouldn't have been able to be caught by the soldier and tortured.


Correction: At the start the master says "whoever reads the scroll aloud..." He could have tattooed himself without invoking the power, or else memorised the last bit, destroyed it, and then given the rest of the scroll to someone else to tattoo on him.

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