Kangaroo Jack

Continuity mistake: During the scene in which Charlie and Louis manage to crash their plane, they hit a chimney and the plane's left wing goes flying on its own. Moments later, however, it has attached itself to the plane again, before in the next shot disappearing again. (00:38:35)

Continuity mistake: When Charlie and Louis are on the plane to Australia, and Louis gives the candy to Charlie, Charlie's hair is untidy in the back, but when he's eating the candy, his hair is flat.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Jessie shows up in the desert to rescue Charlie and Lewis, she is riding on one camel, when they leave in the morning there are three. Where did the other two camels come from?

Continuity mistake: When Charlie is about to jump in the lake with Jesse, Charlie still has the anti-scent make-up on. In the next shot, it's no longer there, and in the shot after that, it's there again. Finally, when Charlie jumps in, without any scrubbing, the make-up's gone for good.

Continuity mistake: Waffles the dog is mentioned as a boy in the van, but is mentioned as a girl at the warehouse.

Continuity mistake: When Louis and Charlie are on the plane, Louis finds the money and knocks on the bathroom door 2 times. The first time, you see his hand move and hit the door. The second time you can see that neither of his hands move.

Continuity mistake: This mistake happens in the plane scene. At the start, the plane says "Dingo IV". But when they crash, the I and the V look different.

Continuity mistake: Throughout the movie, Waffles, Louis' dog, changes from a long-haired dog to a short-haired dog.

Continuity mistake: In the chase scene, when Charlie and Louis go through the termite mounds, you can see that they are fake. Watch really closely and you'll see them hit one that doesn't break it just bobs back and forth.

Continuity mistake: When Louis washes his face at the camel fountain, he splashes water on his face. In the next shot his face is bone dry.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the kangaroo has just been knocked down by the Jeep, Charlie gets out of the driver's door and it swings shut. In the next shot the driver's door is open again. (00:19:45)

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