Inspector Gadget 2

Inspector Gadget 2 (2003)

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Corrected entry: This film was shot in Brisbane, Queensland Australia. A lot of notable landmarks are shown around the film including Southbank Parklands, the William Jolly Bridge, The Town Hall and the Botanic Gardens. I should know this as I live in Brisbane.

Correction: Landmarks of cities can be pointed out in nearly every movie ever made - this does not qualify as interesting trivia for anyone not living in that specific city.


Corrected entry: After Dr. Claw has frozen time, one of his henchman knocks over a guard. As he hits the ground, you can hear a thud. However, when Gadget is flying over the pool and hits the girl's hair, it shatters like glass. Now, either that shouldn't have happened, or that guard should have broken into a million pieces.

Correction: Actually, the guard is supposed to thud. See, when you come out of a pool, if you bring up your head the way the girl did, and because of her hair length, the water is thrown into the air. So, he's hitting the water that's been thrown up, not her hair. The guard, however, isn't surrounded by water, so he thuds.

Corrected entry: When Dr. Claw is in his hideout, he's playing darts, using Gadget's face as the target. When we see that, we can see that he's already been playing for a while, as there are several darts already in the board. But when he throws the handful, suddenly all the darts that were on the dartboard are now gone.

Correction: He asks his minions to retrieve the darts before he throws the handful.

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