Head of State

Continuity mistake: In the part of the film where Mays Gilliam is promoting himself during the wrestling event, in the background you can see posters of him and his brother back to back. How can this be? He hasn't chosen his brother as vice-president yet. (00:41:10)

Continuity mistake: When Mays Gilliam goes to Chicago can sees Mitch for the first time in the movie, they sit on the couch. You can clearly see Gilliam undo his tie in the first shot and then in every shot after that his tie is done. This is before he makes this great speech. (00:29:25)

Continuity mistake: While on the bus, you can see the landscape in the background change from shot to shot all along. (00:54:30)

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Continuity mistake: When Mays is being told that they want him to run for President, the advisor is standing next to him with both hands on the chair. The camera angle changes and he now has only one hand on the chair. (00:15:37)


Continuity mistake: When Mays picks up Lisa in the campaign bus, they are seen driving down the road and you can see the front of Lisa's red shirt that she is wearing under her coat. The camera angle changes and her jacket is now buttoned up in the front and you can no longer see the front of her shirt. (00:49:24)


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Mays: Yo, Lewis. Your mother's ass is so big, when she sits down she's three feet taller. Yo, Lewis. Your mother got a really big ass.
Advisor: Sir, I think it's time we prepare for a debate.
Senator Lewis: Give me one good reason to debate that jerk.
Advisor: He talked about your mother, sir.
Senator Lewis: So what?
[Senator Lewis' mother walks up to him and slaps him in the face.]
Mother: Are you just going to let him talk about me like that?



In the "Players Party," as Mays Gilliam is giving a speech, behind him is an extra mouthing his lines.