Head of State

Head of State (2003)

Directed by: Chris Rock

Starring: Bernie Mac, Dylan Baker, Lynn Whitfield

Genres: Comedy

Revealing mistake: In the "Players Party," as Mays Gilliam is giving a speech, behind him is an extra mouthing his lines.


Revealing mistake: In the shot where Mays Gilliam and the lady are running from the house that is about to be blown up, it is obvious that he is carrying a stuffed cat.


Continuity mistake: In the part of the film where Mays Gilliam is promoting himself during the wrestling event, in the background you can see posters of him and his brother back to back. How can this be? He hasn't chosen his brother as vice-president yet.


More mistakes in Head of State

Mays: Yo, Lewis. Your mother's ass is so big, when she sits down she's three feet taller. Yo, Lewis. Your mother got a really big ass.
Advisor: Sir, I think it's time we prepare for a debate.
Senator Lewis: Give me one good reason to debate that jerk.
Advisor: He talked about your mother, sir.
Senator Lewis: So what?
[Senator Lewis' mother walks up to him and slaps him in the face.]
Mother: Are you just going to let him talk about me like that?

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