X-Men 2

Factual error: In the scene where Wolverine is shot in the head the bullet stays in place until it falls off. Wolverine's skull is indestructible Adamantium (that doesn't even bend slightly from the impact), and an object that applies a certain amount of energy towards another object has the same energy applied to it in return. Considering the bullet's high speed (which means high energy) and the fact that there is not enough material around Wolverine's skull to absorb the bullet's energy, the bullet should have bounced right out.

Continuity mistake: When Nightcrawler tries to stab the president he is in the middle of the table but in the next shot he is at the edge.


Visible crew/equipment: In the jet at the end, what looks like the reflector screen is reflected in Cyclops' visor. This happens in at least two scenes.

Revealing mistake: When the X-Men are leaving the facility at Alkali Lake, they are carrying Professor X because Nightcrawler teleported him. Look closely and you can see Professor X moving his legs back and forth.

Continuity mistake: When Nightcrawler rescues Rogue from falling in mid-air, he dives back into the jet. In the next shot, you can see that the hole in the jet is folding and repairing itself, but a couple of shots later, the hole repairs itself again.

Policeman: Put the knives down!
Wolverine: I can't.

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Trivia: During the scene in the bar with Mystique and the prison guard, the person on the TV is Dr. Hank McCoy - this is the real name of X-Man The Beast.

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