X-Men 2

Continuity mistake: When the X-men ship is trying to dodge the rockets, there are a few close-ups of Bobby showing that the seat in front of him is empty. In other shots before and after the close-ups of Bobby, it shows that Rogue is sitting in that seat.

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Continuity mistake: When Nightcrawler tries to stab the president he is in the middle of the table but in the next shot he is at the edge.


Continuity mistake: When Nightcrawler rescues Rogue from falling in mid-air, he dives back into the jet. In the next shot, you can see that the hole in the jet is folding and repairing itself, but a couple of shots later, the hole repairs itself again.

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Revealing mistake: In the scene where Storm and Nightcrawler rush to rescue the children from the holding cell, you see a shot of the cell where the children stand up and say "Listen..." before Nightcrawler teleports inside. If you look carefully, you will see Nightcrawler's silhouette in the shadow against the wall. (01:27:50)

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Policeman: Put the knives down!
Wolverine: I can't.

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Trivia: Magneto is reading 'The Once and Future King' by T H White. In the novel Merlin is trapped in a crystal cave - Magneto in a similar plastic/glass cave.

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Question: Is there a reason for Storm creating a storm when the X-Men talk to the president or is it just to make the scene more "spooky"?

Answer: The president is delivering a live address on television. The storm would make an excuse for the break in the signal.

Nick N.

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