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Factual error: In the end of the film, just before Donna is shown inside a cockpit as an airline pilot, there's a shot of her aircraft landing. She flies for Royalty Airlines, but you can see the blue, white, and red stripes of an American Airlines plane.

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Factual error: When Donna first gets to work First class, it is obvious that the plane she is in is a wide body airplane. However, when the plane is seen taking off, it is a narrow body Airbus.

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When Donna and her boyfriend leave his family's house in the end, in the front window of the house you can see a white van and film crew.



Just something to look for: in the scene when Gwenyth Paltrow goes to see Mike Myers about how she thinks her test scores were messed up, she asks him if she can retest and he says, "That's not procedure." The shot then goes back to her and you can see a plaque on the wall that says "That's Procedure."