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Corrected entry: When Donna goes to the interview she says that 'legendary' John Whitney had been with Royalty Airlines for a very long time. Later, when Donna is retested, John says that the previous perfect test score was his own-seven years before. He only passed his basic training seven years before. (00:19:05 - 00:59:00)

Correction: It's possible that John Whitney has been with the company (in a different positions) for many years, but only recently (7 yrs prior) had he taken the exam for flight attendants.


Corrected entry: Christine asks Ted to do her back then her shoulders. He got her shoulders when he did her back.

Correction: Christine wants to get Ted's attention. When he turns away from her after rubbing lotion on her back, she asks him to do her shoulders to keep his attention.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Donna gets on the boat, she just has a bikini on. As the boat pulls away and we see her in the front, she has a leopard top on and matching sunglasses. In the scene right after that, the sunglasses are gone.

Correction: As she walks out to the boat in her bikini, she's holding the shirt (and quite possibly the sunglasses) in her right hand.

Corrected entry: When Donna walks into the hotel in France, watch her luggage. When she is walking into the building, she's toting the blue rectangular, wheeling suitcase. When she's in her room, however, her blue suitcase seems to have transformed into a black leather, wheeling suitcase.

Correction: Her suitcase is still the same, but her leather purse is sitting on top of it, making it look different.

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