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Continuity mistake: In the examination scene John (Mike Myers) places a Rubik's Cube on the desk in front of him. The camera angle then switches to overhead and the cube is not there. Then he shouts "Stop writing" and the cube is in front of him but further to his right than before.

Continuity mistake: When Christine is shown cheating with the tests, the style/writing of the '4' is different between shots.


Continuity mistake: At the Christmas party, Ted kisses Donna. He places his hands on her shoulders. Then the camera angle changes, and his hands are on his lap - it happened too quickly for him to have moved them. (00:47:50)

Continuity mistake: When Donna gets her second test back from John Whitney, it jumps from her hand back to the desktop. It then appears in her hand again as she rises to leave.


Continuity mistake: Mike Myers' turned eye keeps changing in some scenes. Sometimes it's his left eye, sometimes the right one.

Continuity mistake: When Ted is fixing Donna's bikini top with a bread fastener, he takes the fastener off the bread twice, once when he walks in the room and takes it off and throws the bread and then in the next shot, is a close up of him taking it off.


Continuity mistake: When Christine is getting oil from Ted on the boat the sun changes between shots.


Continuity mistake: When Donna is at Sally Westin's house discussing her test results, Sally has Donna's test papers in her hands. In the next shot, Donna's test papers are on Sally's desk. Sally gets up from her desk chair and walks around the desk to speak with Donna. When Sally walks back to sit down at her desk chair, Donna's test papers are no longer on the desk and have totally disappeared.


Continuity mistake: When Donna is fighting Christine on the plane she smashes a bread with her front head several times but when the guards grab Christine the bread is more smashed.


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Sally Weston: Paris, First Class, International.



When Donna and her boyfriend leave his family's house in the end, in the front window of the house you can see a white van and film crew.



Just something to look for: in the scene when Gwenyth Paltrow goes to see Mike Myers about how she thinks her test scores were messed up, she asks him if she can retest and he says, "That's not procedure." The shot then goes back to her and you can see a plaque on the wall that says "That's Procedure."