Willard (2003)

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Corrected entry: One of the first times Willard takes the rats out in the bags, he says Ben can't go because if he gets in the bag, no one else will fit. Well when we see Ben in the bag later, it is clear that there is still quite a bit of room left in the bag to fit at least five more rats in there.

Correction: Willard is just using that as an excuse because he doesn't like Ben.

Corrected entry: As Willard goes through the house rat proofing, he duct tapes the toilet lid down, but when Catherine uses Willard's toilet, the duct tape he used to secure the lid is cut so she can just lift the lid.

Correction: She does tear off the tape to get it open. you even hear a ripping sound..

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Willard: Have you been to the basement?
Willard's Mother: Oh, you know I can't, but I know they're there. I can smell them! All my life I could smell mice.
Willard: Smell mice.
Willard's Mother: And hear them! Don't you hear them down there?
Willard: It's just the wind.



In the scene where Willard is in his bedroom closet, he is trying to block the hole that Ben has created. On a closet shelf there is a Christmas Decorations box. The exact same box can be seen on a shelf behind his boss in the office supply room.



When Willard's boss is working on his spreadsheet program, just before the rats show up, he is not entering the spreadsheet formula properly. He is entering the actual numbers like 235+345+315 instead of using cell addresses like =A1+B1+C1. Not really a mistake because his character could be an idiot on spreadsheets. Just an interesting observation.