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Willard is a remake of the classic 1971 rat-ridden horror tale where a lonely recluse turns to organized and intelligent rodents to punish those many individuals who tormented him. Crispin Glover portrays the title victimized lead with both sympathy and creepiness, while the rest of the cast play out their roles with campy overacting to compliment the often comedic horror of rampaging vermin run amok! If you're squeamish about gore, rats and the idea of ravenous swarms of them, avoid this film! If you never saw the original-see this one for a combination of dark laughs and revenge.

Erik M.

Other mistake: In the scene where Willard is in his bedroom closet, he is trying to block the hole that Ben has created. On a closet shelf there is a Christmas Decorations box. The exact same box can be seen on a shelf behind his boss in the office supply room. (01:01:55 - 01:09:30)

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Willard: Have you been to the basement?
Willard's Mother: Oh, you know I can't, but I know they're there. I can smell them! All my life I could smell mice.
Willard: Smell mice.
Willard's Mother: And hear them! Don't you hear them down there?
Willard: It's just the wind.

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Question: Why didn't the filmmakers use the original movie's ending where Willard gets eaten?

Answer: Pure marketing. The original ending was the shot of Ben in the window, but test audiences thought the movie was too dark already. The rest of the end was filmed months later, with Willard stabbing a bean bag.

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