The Hunted

Other mistake: When Bonham starts his search for Hallam in the forest we see him crawling along with his face and shirt nice and clean. From one shot to the next his face is covered with movie dirt, and his shirt looks as if he hadn't changed it in at least a year. Fresh dirt looks different. (00:27:25)


Other mistake: During the scene where Aaron Hallam is talking to Loretta about the squirrel's tracks, he says the tracks are 9 inches apart. But if you watch his hands as he demonstrates, you'll notice they are only moving about 3 - 6 inches, not anywhere near 9. (00:51:30)

Other mistake: When Bonham climbs on the train we see in the back that the bridge has a ramp, which can be passed by cars but not by a train. (The fact that it's the wrong bridge has been mentioned already, but the ramp reveals this even to non-Portlanders.) (01:08:20)


Other mistake: On the final hunt, both Bonham and Hallam sit down and produce knives in a very diligent manner, Bonham from a flintstone, and Hallam from a piece of scrap metal in a complete forging procedure. Given the time pressure both opponents are under, this display of stone- resp. iron-age skills (a.k.a. survival skills) is a bit absurd and almost touching. (01:13:50)


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