The Hunted

Factual error: In all the scene setting shots of downtown Portland there are always sirens wailing and car horns blaring to make it sound like a big city. Portland just doesn't sound like that. (01:06:00)


Factual error: Lots of liberties are taken with the geography of downtown Portland. For example, at one point Bonham is standing on a fountain looking around and, from his point of view, you see two MAX trains on a slope going past a parking lot. Those two points are about a mile apart and there is definitely not line of sight between them because most of downtown Portland is in the way. (01:07:40)


Factual error: When Hallam is trying to get on the train, the policeman says the subject is on the Hawthorne Bridge. The MAX light railway doesn't go over that bridge, it goes over the Steel Bridge. (01:10:00)


Factual error: After Del Toro jumps into the (Willamette) river he floats/swims to the falls. In fact those falls are about 10 miles upstream from the point he jumps in.

Factual error: Near the end of the movie Del Toro was forging a knife with a fire he made out of twigs. It is not possible for that fire to heat the metal enough. A much hotter fire would be needed for smithing.

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