The Hunted

Corrected entry: Hallam escapes into a huge construction site. The bulldozers and concrete trucks indicate that foundation work has just started. When Bonham climbs down a stepladder he gets into a movie-typical industrial basement with pipes and valves where the utilities are still connected, as we can tell from the burning lights and the stereotype steam leaks. (00:59:20)


Correction: Bonham climbs down into the excavated construction site, but most of the scene occurs in an adjacent utility area. The construction site was merely an entrance into the utility tunnels. The chase covers a lot of ground, and the construction foreman mentions that the tunnels extend for a long distance.

Corrected entry: Why does Hallam go down a horrifying, absolutely deadly waterfall only to climb back up again? (01:12:15)


Correction: We don't see Hallam go over the falls; we see him swimming in the river and climbing up the cliff. He may have swum upstream to throw off the pursuers. Bonham mentioned that Hallam was an extraordinary swimmer. The details are left open, and so cannot be regarded as a mistake.

Corrected entry: When Aaron Hallam is leaving his girlfriend's house it is raining. A moment later as LT Bonham arrives at the tunnels, the rain has stopped and the ground is very dry. (01:00:00)

Correction: These locations are some distance apart. There is nothing unusual about having rain in one location but not a few miles away.

Corrected entry: One of numerous absurdities in this movie is the whizzing noise that Hallam's knife produces during the stabbing training. (00:46:40)


Correction: The whizzing noise that you hear during the stabbing training is coming from Hallam's mouth and not his knife. Sometimes during hand-to-hand combat training and the like, a student will make blowing noises such as the one heard to accentuate and separate the movements made in a combination.

Corrected entry: Most of the US posters and billboards for "The Hunted" feature the tagline "Some men must be found." Kind of weak and a bit vague, right? Well, earlier posters feature the tagline "Some men should not be found." Those advertising people were all over the place. "Is he so dangerous that maybe he shouldn't be found?" "I don't know, I would think you'd WANT to find somebody like that."


Correction: All well and good, but not really trivia.

Corrected entry: When a knife is thrown it tumbles end over end, it does not glide through the air like a dart as the knife did as it was heading for the tree.

Correction: These are two distinctly different knives. The throwing knife used in the end-over-end scene, is when the military guys are getting trained. The knife Benicio Del Toro throws in the beginning of the movie is a very well made, special cutting / gutting knife that Benicio (we are to believe) manufactured under the tutelage of Tommy Lee Jones (Tom Brown Jr.) and taught specifically how to use it. Benicio uses this same knife in all of his killings and becomes an expert at handling and throwing that particular knife. The Topps Knife Company makes that knife (see scan down the site page). So end-over-end and the straight throw are from differently trained individuals, and from differently balanced knives. The actual knife was thrown by an "expert" and possibly the original knife owner, Billy O'Connell. Billy is an adviser on the set, and an instructor at Tom Brown's school. I believe he made that throw in one take.

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