Cradle 2 the Grave

Revealing mistake: During the cage fight, Su breaks a man's arm. We can see the break, however we can also see his real arm hidden under his shirt. There is a big lump under the fake arm. (01:01:30)

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Revealing mistake: During the brief few shots where Fait is pulling out of the hotel parking lot, you can see that the sky is blue. The special effects production forgot to add in the night sky on the blue screen.

Revealing mistake: During the credits, while the extra "hidden" comedy scene is playing, the sky is completely blue. The special effects crew forgot to add in the night sky on the blue screen.

Revealing mistake: During the sequence while the arms dealers are viewing the laser show, some dealers are wearing the special goggles while some are wearing regular sunglasses. (01:23:40)

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Fait: You read Chinese?
Archie: No, but I know "cop" in every language.



DMX uses his Porsche to slide a dumpster into the vehicle following him, staying in contact right up to the impact, so by rights the back of his car ought to be wrecked, but in all the scenes afterwards when we see his Porsche, it doesn't have a scratch on it.



The last conversation between Tom Arnold and that big guy is an obvious tribute to the conversation between the same two actors at the end of Exit Wounds. They even mention the latter in the former.