Cradle 2 the Grave

Cradle 2 the Grave (2003)

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Corrected entry: DMX stands for Dark Man X. His real name is Earl Simmons.

Correction: Dark Man X is only one of the things that DMX can stand for. It is also the name of a beat box machine that was in use when DMX first started beat boxing before he started rapping.

Corrected entry: Tommy and Archie shoot the helicopter in the tail rotor thus making it lose control and crash. A helicopter without a tail rotor spins out of control due to the torque effect, so if the main rotor spins clockwise, the body of the helicopter should spin counter-clockwise, because of Newton's Third Law. Yet when the helicopter collapses, just as it's about to hit the ground, both the rotor and the body were spinning in the same direction. (01:25:50)

Correction: The helicopter is shot on the right side. Because of the explosion the rear is being pushed, which leads into spinning clockwise.


Corrected entry: Towards the end, Tommy loads the 90mm cannon in the tank to shoot down the helicopter that Ling is holding on to. Tommy "loads" the cannon by loading in a shell. However, he does not secure it by sealing the door that closes off the cannon. If Archie shot the round like that, it probably would have killed Tommy and Archie and destroyed the tank. (01:25:30)

Correction: You only see him put the bullet in and the next shot is Jet Li hanging on the heli. In the meantime, Archie could have told Tommy to close it.


Corrected entry: During the scene where Ling goes to visit Jump Chambers, Ling stabs Willy Chickens(Jump's assistant) on the table in the middle of the room. After Ling tells the guards outside that Jump doesn't want to be disturbed, however, the camera spins around Jump to show that Jump is dead - it also shows that Willy Chickens is no longer on the table.

Correction: It is very reasonable to assume that Ling moved Willy off the table and hid him somewhere, as he wants to keep up the act that Jump is sleeping in his chair if anyone walks in after he leaves. Leaving a dead guy with his head/neck bleeding all over the place out in the open would not be very convincing.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the guy steals the yamaha raptor off the back of the trailer, he takes off right away showing it isn't tied down. If it wasn't tied down it would have fallen off the trailer long before it got there.

Correction: The riders could have simply driven with the quad tied down and untied the quad after they parked, so that they could use it quickly themselves.

Corrected entry: In a fight sequence early in the film Jet Li and DMX are up against two bad guys. DMX runs up a brick wall and back-flips over the guy he's fighting. Look closely as he hits the brick wall; the whole wall pushes inward as his feet hit it.

Correction: They are chased by dogs after they beat the two bad guys, and DMX backflips over a dog, not a bad guy. Also, the wall does not push in.

Corrected entry: When the guy swallows the stone and it explodes, wouldn't Jet Li get fried too, considering how close he was standing? We know this thing had more destructive force than 2 hiroshima bombings.

Correction: It only possesses the high levels of destructive energy while it is being irradiated. In this normal state it only amounted to a small explosion that killed the man who swallowed it.

Corrected entry: Right before the fight scene with Jet Li and Mark Dacascos, there is a huge helicopter explosion that seems to destroy anything that was in the helicopter. How in the world was it possible for Dacascos to get out without a scratch on him? If you really watch the explosion there is no possible way (that I can see) for something like that to happen, unless the guy was invincible.

T Poston

Correction: The helicopter that explodes is a completely different helicopter. If you look closely, the helicopter that Dacascos is in is actually wrecked near the left side of the screen. It crashed into the hanger and remained there.

Corrected entry: Why did the radioactive part of the stone suddenly react when the bad guy swallowed it? If it was so active, how did it last so long in his pocket during his big fight with Jet Li?

Correction: It reacted because it broke in half (when Li chopped Dacascos in the throat), not because he just swallowed it.

Corrected entry: When DMX is fighting the two Asians after slamming the dumpster into their suburban; after a few seconds, DMX opens the passenger side door and the window breaks on the Asian's head, but when the driver shoots at DMX, he shoots out the same window that had just been shattered. (00:30:00)

AzN InVasian

Correction: The driver shoots the window behind the back door not the window which had just been broken.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the big cage fight, Jet Li kicks a guy lying on the fallen side of the cage. Trouble is, the man starts lifting up before Jet's kick actually connects.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Correction: Yes, the guy lifts up, but only because the side of the cage is something of the kind of a trampoline-effect. The guy just drops, hits the "ground" and lifts of by the trampoline-effect. So he kicks him right when he is in the air.


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