Homeward Bound

Corrected entry: Throughout the film, Chance is referred to as a 'pup' namely by Shadow, when he's actually fully grown and around the same height as Shadow.


Correction: Shadow isn't saying Chance is actually a puppy. Chance is just called a "pup" because he's immature like a puppy. It's the same as referring to a young adult as "kid."


Corrected entry: After the three pets' family drives into the pound singing a song, you can hear someone saying 'Okay, we got it.' Voice of the director ending the scene?

Correction: Actually what happens is: one of the dogs, Chance, is gloating about escaping from the pound. The cat asks, "What about me?", the dog replies "Oh yeah, Sassy the supercat.", to which Sassy laughs and replies, "You got it."

Revealing mistake: Near the start of the journey, there is a shot of Chance and Shadow running through a creek. This is followed by a shot of Shadow coming toward the camera. As she turns off to the left screen, something on the bottom moves with her. It is likely a guide for the cat to follow.

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Sassy: Oh, no. I'm with strangers.

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Trivia: When Chance jumps out of the car, he bangs the youngest child's head on the door hard enough to make the camera pan off him pretty fast.

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