Courage Under Fire

Factual error: In the opening tank battle, we see oil wells burning in the background as the tanks drive across the desert. We later hear that this battle takes place in Basra, which is in Iraq. The Iraqis surely did not burn their own oil wells during the first Gulf War. They did so when they were in Kuwait.

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Suggested correction: The friendly fire accident during the opening tank battle sequence takes place during the battle of "Al Bathra", not Basra. The name is referenced several times throughout the movie. However; the movie does not specify if Al Bathra is in Kuwait or Iraq. If the battle was supposed to take place in Kuwait, then the burning oil wells would certainly have been there. The Iraqi Army burned them as they retreated from coalition forces during the war.

Continuity mistake: At the award ceremony, the Congressional Medal of Honour is hung around the daughter's neck. In the next shot we see of her looking up at the planes, the medal is gone.

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The President: Few of us are given the opportunity, even fewer the courage to sacrifice ourselves for the lives of our comrades. In daily life, even as in battle each one of us is mysteriously and irrevocably bound to our fellow man. And yet, it is only in death that the power of this bond is finally tested and proven. And who among us really knows how he might respond when the moment comes?

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Trivia: The unit that was portrayed in the tank battle was to be the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment because they were actually in a friendly fire incident. During the shoot, someone showed the director the 2nd ACR's patch and he thought that was better looking.

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