Smokey and the Bandit II

Smokey and the Bandit II (1980)

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Continuity mistake: When Justice is chasing Bandit after the desert crash scenes, he says about how Bandit has picked a route with only one way out, and behind him you can see a load of trucks. The next camera shot then shows Justice driving away from the camera with Police cars following, then the next shot then goes back to an interior shot of Justice and there is now nothing behind him.


Visible crew/equipment: When Cledus tells Bandit that he knows there's $400,000 at stake, but he won't kill an elephant to get it, in the next shot and in following shots from the same angle, the reflection of the moving boom pole and mic can be seen on the surface of the Trans Am.

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Visible crew/equipment: While Snowman drives his rig, in his side shots as he faces the wing mirror the reflection of the camera can be seen on his sunglasses. One example is when he gets on the CB and hails Bandit to warn him about Smokey at his back door.

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Continuity mistake: Right after Bandit pays the kid to watch the elephant they switch to a scene of Smokey driving his car with the light bar fully intact, which in all previous scenes is almost destroyed.

Continuity mistake: In the gas station scene, the attendant tells Bandit he is one of the top 5 A-holes. He then walks toward a back room in the garage, and while he is approaching the door it is fully intact. When he slams the door, Bandit stoops down to a crack in the door where one of the slats is missing, that was there a few seconds before.


Other mistake: When Justices car gets crushed as is almost triangular shaped, and driving down the road, it shows a shot of Justice cleaning off some dirt from the dashboard. If you look at the hood/bonnet where all the crease marks are from the crash, you can see quite a bit of rust where the paint has flaked off. Considering the damage is only supposed to have just happened, there should be clean metal not rust.


[Justice tries to shoot the Bandit with Junior's gun only to find it's not loaded.]
Justice: Junior! Why didn't you have your gun loaded?
Junior: Well, when I put bullets in it, daddy, it gets too heavy.

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Trivia: In the huge scene with the big rigs and all, the police car crashes off of the car trailer truck. But this stunt was really a world record for the longest car stunt that was powered by the car's own engine. The distance was well over 100 feet.

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Question: In the movie, Buford shoots two flying bottles whilst holding the gun at his hip. Is that even possible?

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Chosen answer: Technically, yes, but no matter how adept the shooter, such a trick would always rely more on luck than skill. Shooting from the hip makes it impossible to aim any better than "in the general direction of the target."

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