Smokey and the Bandit II

Smokey and the Bandit II (1980)

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Corrected entry: Mountie Police cars are not red in colour. They are blue and white. Clearly filmmakers assumed cars matched colour of uniforms.

Correction: Mounties uniforms are not red. Those are dress uniforms used mostly for graduation from depot, special events, and for formal ceremonies. The everyday uniform is dark blue. In 1980, while most RCMP cars were blue (almost purple) and white, they did have ghost cars of any color. And current RCMP cars are white with striping kits. They have not been blue and white since the late 80s.


Corrected entry: Cletus goes to Bandit's motel room at night while he's drunk and calls Frog who is marrying Junior again in the daylight. She then comes to Bandit's motel room to meet him that same night (seemingly in a matter of minutes) and when she gets there, Bandit somehow is completely sober.

Correction: She didn't meet the bandit that same night.

Corrected entry: The Bandit says that he's the only person "to have drunk up a Trans Am," meaning he traded it away on alcohol. But he didn't have his Trans Am at the end of the first movie; he made his escape in a Cadillac and left the Trans Am behind (most likely for the police to find and impound).

Correction: "Most likely" doesn't count. They didn't show what happened to the Trans Am, so it is up to your imagination what happened between the two movies.


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