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Shock Treatment (1981)

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Corrected entry: In the 'Rose Tint My World' number from the first film (Rocky Horror) Brad makes the comment 'help me Mommy.' In this film, it is revealed that Brad was orphaned at a very young age. Wouldn't Brad have sense enough to know that his Mommy wouldn't be able to help him from beyond the grave?

Correction: Brad had seen some pretty weird stuff in the 12 hours prior to the end of Rocky Horror, so calling for his mother, like a scared child would, wouldn't be out of the ordinary.

Revealing mistake: When Betty and Oliver go to the coffee stand, immediately after Betty says "Plus one," you can see that the guy working the stand just grabs two cups from his stand without pouring coffee into them and gives it to Betty and Oliver, who drink from the empty cups.

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Oscar Drill: I spent a lifetime on deposit, and that's a long time in the closet. And when you say to me 'How was it?' it was hard taking that heart-breaking godforsaken route. But now I'm b-b-breaking out.

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Trivia: When Betty and Ollie are talking in their office (and Ralph and Macy come in), look carefully at the table all the way to the left. There's an issue of Time Magazine that says "Cult Classics," with a picture of The Rocky Horror Picture Show's famous red lips. (That film was the predecessor to Shock Treatment).


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