Corrina, Corrina

Continuity mistake: The white gloves Corrina is wearing standing at the front door of her boss' house appear and disappear.

Visible crew/equipment: When Molly spat on the first nanny's face, the woman starts drinking Mr. Singer's martini. As she drinks, a microphone drops down over her head.

Continuity mistake: When Corrina leaves Molly's house for the first time, we see her pick an orange off the tree and walk away. She then turns around and tosses the orange to Molly. The next shot of Corrina shows her walking away with another orange in her hand. She only picked one, and threw it to Molly.

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Suggested correction: Actually, Molly throws the orange back to Corrina. If you look, Molly no longer has the orange after she honks the horn on her tricycle. This is part of the reason Molly's dad hires Corrina.

Continuity mistake: When Corrina stays for dinner, her cigarette switches from one hand to the other.

Continuity mistake: When Corrina and Molly go to get breakfast the waitress gets in the back of the car, while Corrina is talking to Molly. When it switches back to the shot of the waitress she is holding a Coke bottle. She did not have it when she climbed in. Where did it come from?

Continuity mistake: When Corrina and her sister are on the couch and her sister is telling Corrina about the tall drink across the street, her sister's arm keeps changing positions from on the back of the couch to in her lap and back again.

Continuity mistake: When Corrina stays for dinner and says the music is like putting glass in front of a warm light, she puts the glass down and Molly picks it up and holds it. The next shot, the glass is back on the table.

Visible crew/equipment: While Manny heads out for his meeting with Mr. Potato Head he overhears Molly playing the piano with Corrina, and when it cuts to Corrina in Manny's bedroom flipping the white bedsheet up in the air, a crew member's arm appears and disappears at the left side of the screen. (00:28:55)

Super Grover

Visible crew/equipment: While Corrina and Molly are in the kitchen Manny walks in and announces that he's the winner of the new account. When Manny gets the bouquets of flowers it cuts to a closeup of Corrina, and we see crew movement at the bottom, left corner of the screen. (01:16:50)

Super Grover

Molly: Do you taste like chocolate?
Lizzie: I don't know, do you taste like vanilla?

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Question: Why does Manny make up excuses about his wife doing something when in reality she died?

Answer: Manny is struggling with her death and trying to care for Molly. In a moment of self denial and sadness, he just makes it up in hopes of tricking himself into thinking that everything is normal.


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