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Corrected entry: At the end of the film, Ray Liotta drives to Corrina's house to persuade her to come back. When he arrives at her house he's in his hard-top car. At the closing scene of the film, he arrives back at his house with Corrina, and they're in the convertible.

Correction: At the end of the film Ray Liotta does arrive in his hard top car to Corrina's home. His convertible is there already because Corrina has driven it there with Molly a few days prior and he never came back to retrieve it due to the death of his father. They decide to driven the convertible back to his house instead of his hard top car.

Continuity mistake: The white gloves Corrina is wearing standing at the front door of her boss' house appear and disappear.

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Molly: My daddy doesn't think she's in heaven.
Corrina Washington: Well, that's probably just because your daddy is so jealous of the angels. He's so jealous, he can't even stand to think about those angels who get to play with your mommy all day long. And he's hurting just like you're hurting, and you're going to hurt for a long time. Every day it'll get a little better, but you'll always miss your mommy, and that's okay.

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Question: Why does Manny make up excuses about his wife doing something when in reality she died?

Answer: Manny is struggling with her death and trying to care for Molly. In a moment of self denial and sadness, he just makes it up in hopes of tricking himself into thinking that everything is normal.


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