Shanghai Knights

Lin kills Wu Chow. Lord Rathbone falls off Big Ben. Chon, Roy and the inspector are knighted. The inspector is (Sir) Arthur Conan Doyle; he decides it's time to retire from Scotland Yard and start writing stories about a certain famous detective. The homeless kid is Charlie Chaplin. The secret message that Chon's father wrote is that family is very important and that he will always be with him (his son) in spirit (stuff like that). Chon and Roy head for the U.S. and Roy is interested in starring in motion pictures... and Charlie joins them (stowaway on their carriage).

Hound Baskerville

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Roy: So what are we gonna do? Come on, think! I'm not going to an English prison. With my feathery blond hair and Chon's athletic build, they'll try to make us the bell of the ball.



In the scene after Chan and Wilson crash their car into Stonehenge they walk away and the view is of a field and a beautiful blue sky. In the sky you can see an airplane vapour trail up on the left hand side of the screen. There were no airliners in 1890.



When Roy is talking about his ideal life with Lynn, he mentions his three children, "Vera, Chuck and Dave," a very slick reference to the Beatles song "When I'm 64."