Shanghai Knights

Trivia: When Roy is talking about his ideal life with Lynn, he mentions his three children, "Vera, Chuck and Dave," a very slick reference to the Beatles song "When I'm 64."

Trivia: In the final minutes of the film, Jackie Chan & Owen Wilson slide down the British flag that is draped over Big Ben clock tower. This is the same stunt performed by Pierce Brosnan & Michelle Yeoh in the James Bond film "Tomorrow Never Dies". The only difference is that in TND, they slide down a banner of the main villain's face. One possible explanation is that Jackie & Michelle have been known to compete with each other for the most daring stunts.

Trivia: The portrait of the young man under which Fann Wong hides was used again in another Jackie Chan film - "Rush Hour 3." This time, an assasin throws a knife atJackie and hits the portrait instead.

Trivia: After Rathbone slams the Roy O'Bannan books Owen Wilson said " Whoah, Whoah, easy." This is the exact line he said in Zoolander; hand movements and all.

Trivia: Within 15 minutes of each other, this movie has thinly veiled references to Indiana Jones movies. The secret fireplace statue deal is right from Temple of Doom, the spinning fireplace fight deal is from Last Crusade (but may be derivative of earlier movies) and the torch flame exposing an exit is also out of an Indiana movie.

Trivia: The writers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar attracted some criticism over the film's many anachronisms. The duo later confirmed that, due to the somewhat whimsical and comedic nature of the film, they purposely chose not to follow history perfectly, and instead allowed themselves some wiggle room to include people, places and things that were from roughly the same time period (generally within 10-20 years), whether nor not they existed at the exact year the film took place.

Factual error: The first Kinetoscope (arcade of 'personal movie viewers') was opened in 1894 and the first motion picture studio was located in New Jersey. There is no way that they would have known enough about motion pictures in 1887 to go into them, let alone go to Hollywood to do so. And the use of the word 'movie' is at least twenty years too early.

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Roy: Just go ahead and drown me! I don't care anymore.

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Question: Whose house does Charlie take Chong and Roy to after he meets them at Buckingham Palace?

Answer: It is never really mentioned, but we can assume it is the home of some noble or "higher class" person, from all of the elaborate things.

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