Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Factual error: Chuck and Penny are seen drinking Rolling Rock beer in clear glass bottles. But Rolling Rock beer has always come in green glass bottles.


Continuity mistake: When Barris is in his office reading a newspaper article, his secretary tells him over the intercom to pick up line one. Keep an eye on the Variety paper laying on his desk. In the very next shot, a pencil magically appears on top of it.

Continuity mistake: As Sam Rockwell leads the dying Julia Robert's hand to scribble "NO LOVE", he starts at the bottom of the page. Finally, the text can be seen in the middle, leading to the top. (01:41:46)

Continuity mistake: When Penny and Chuck are playing scrabble, Penny lays a "wrong" word horizontally on the board. But when Chuck corrects her, she removes playing pieces off the board that have been laid vertically.


Other mistake: The extras used as a live audience for the first "episodes" of "The Dating game" are the same used seconds before as an audience in the cinema scene where Chuck and Penny are kissing.

Factual error: In the first shot in Helsinki, there is a yellow 4-door saloon car in the right background. It's too far away to identify it precisely, but it's about a 1980 model, something like a Ford Taunus or Toyota Carina - this scene is set in 1957.

Factual error: In a shot in which Barris is on the phone in the sixties, the phone has a modern plug on the handset.

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