Revealing mistake: In the scene of the first game, the camera pans across the fans at the game. They are mostly dressed in sweaters, coats, sweatshirts, etc. Also, the breath is seen coming from the mouths of the band during their performance. The setting however, is Atlanta, Georgia. The first football game of the season is always in late August or early September. Average temperature during the day is about 90 degrees. This scene was shot somewhere during the winter.

Continuity mistake: In the scene in the cafeteria where Ernest is pigging out, Ernest is shown eating half a burger, then the shot changes to his friends watching him. When the scene changes back to Ernest he's shown taking a bite out of a whole new burger, but only a few seconds went by. When did he have time to get a new burger?

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Jason: I DO love my drum.

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Trivia: The main drummer for Morris Brown at the end of the movie during the tie breaker is the actual drummer used for close up shots of Devin's hands when he has to drum.

Rollin Garcia Jr
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